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Where Can You Buy Polaroid Instant Camera Film?

Polaroid Black Framed Instant FilmHere at we sell a lot of cameras. Many of those cameras are instant cameras, such as the popular Polaroid SX-70.  Polaroid discontinued production of most instant film a few years ago and the old stock film is increasingly hard to find. Instant photography buffs and individuals just looking for film for their cameras often email looking for film.

Well those of you who love instant photos are in luck. A couple of years ago a company was created by former Polaroid employees that now produces brand new film for Polaroid cameras. The factory is located in Enschede, Netherlands. They dubbed their company The Impossible Project. The goal was to save instant photography from extinction and their mission has been accomplished.

In addition to traditional films, the company started using new methods and materials to produce the film and also offers all new products, such as the black framed B&W film pictured above. You can visit The Impossible Project’s website and online store for more details about the company and to purchase film for your camera.