Monthly Archives: October 2012

Black Market Antiques on Amazon

You may have noticed a slow-down recently in the amount of inventory being added to Black Market Antique’s web store. After some internal discussion it was decided to create and Amazon shop to help unload some of the newer non-antique items and books that have been accumulating in our warehouse.  Our Amazon Storefront is now filled with over 8,000 products and growing.

The Black Market Antiques standalone online antique store is still up and we’re still adding more inventory.

Over the years we developed a large stash of new products, books, videos and new collectibles and household items that don’t really fit well into our antique and vintage collectibles category….so we’ve put some of that online over at Amazon. The ease of listing the items already in Amazon’s database saves us quite a bit of time and clears space in the warehouse for more antiques. We will continue to list older and more collectible books on our own web store.

So if you happen to be searching on Amazon and see our name on a product, you will know that it is the same Black Market Antiques team that will be fulfilling the order and you will receive the same great customer service and speedy delivery that used to hear.