Antique & Estate Appraisals

Black Market Antiques appraisal services are available for use in settling estates, insurance valuations and for general knowledge whether you are planning to sell your antiques or just get an idea of their value.  Black Market Antiques will give either auction/wholesale or retail estimates of value based on current market conditions and pricing.

Black Market Antiques can customize an appraisal to fit your needs.  We can do anything from a quick “walk-through” valuation of an estate to a detailed break-down of individual items in a collection complete with documented hammer prices.  We can also photo-document the items in your estate or collection with values for each item for insurance and/or estate settling purposes.  Black Market Antiques can provide both a paper and electronic report for each appraisal for you too keep for your records.

For more information on our appraisal services, please contact customer service at 814-849-0955 and an appraiser will get back to you, in most cases, within several hours.  Appraisal fee is $50/hour with one hour minimum.  More detailed appraisals have same fee, but will require more time depending on level of appraisal desired.

Single Item Appraisals

On any given day, Black Market Antiques receives dozens of requests for values, appraisals or estimates on single items via email.  We are an online retail antiques & collectibles store, not historians.  We are unable to devote the extensive man-hours to these questions that would be required, at no cost.  For those customers and site visitors who are looking for a value for a single item, we have now added a single item appraisal service that can be purchased through the site.

Just add as many single item appraisals to your cart as you wish to have done.  You will be contacted shortly after checkout with instructions on sending Black Market Antiques photos and descriptions of your item(s).  Good for general knowledge of value, estate settlements and insurance purposes.

Please note, Black Market Antiques will not grade coins, trading cards etc. based on photos or scans.  We can provide appraisals and estimates of value for these items, but it is best to find a local specialist in those fields who can do a thorough grading while the card is in front of him/her.

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