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BlackMarketAntiques.com Has Relaunched…Finally!

Black Market Antiques RelaunchedAbout a month ago we began undertaking a long needed update to the Black Market Antiques website that included not only a total visual makeover, but also functional improvements on an exponential scale. Well, we’re finally happy to announce that the site has been relaunched and is fully functional once again and ready for shoppers to browse. We’ve still got a few things that need touched up, like the look of this blog, but the site is fully functional, easier to use and much easier to navigate than previously.

We didn’t just change the look of the site, we changed the shell and added a lot of new features. Other than the look of the site, the biggest change is probably in our shopping cart and checkout process. Black Market Antiques now has “Checkout as a Guest” feature, where making an account with our site is not required. We also have new upgraded abilities to run sales and give discounts based on customer loyalty for those regulars who shop here often. Our photo quality has improved, and you can look for products to now have larger clear photos. Our search has also improved and you no longer have to match exactly what is in the title to show product results. The search is also tweakable and we’ll be working forward to customize the search results based on past searches and results to more accurately show products of relevance.

In the past month, we’ve also added close to 1,000 items to our inventory including a large expansion of our jewelry categories.

We’ve also gotten rid of the Google Wallet checkout! Some customers loved it, but generally it was met with puzzled looks and skepticism and general  frustration over the annoyance of having to sign up for a service completely separate than just making a payment for the goods on Black Market Antiques.

In the coming weeks we will be doing some more cosmetic tweaks and adding some more features too, including the ability for shoppers to make offers on the products. We know you like to shop at antique shows and flea markets and that you like to bargain, soon you will have that ability. Also, sign up for our newsletter for periodic site updates, inventory notifications and general antique news. Also, we will be adding a newly listed products page, so you can browse our newest items.

We thank our regular customers for their patience as we made the transition to our new site format, browse around and hopefully you will find the experience much improved as well.

Cash for Gold Scams

If you watch television, listen to the radio or read any sort of periodical there’s no doubt you’ve seen or heard the “Cash for Gold” advertisements.  In down economic times you may be tempted to send one of these companies some of your jewelry, and if times are really bad, you might consider even sending in some sentimental family heirlooms in the hopes of making ends meet for another couple of weeks.  Before you send any type of gold to such a company, we highly suggest you reconsider.

The internet is full of sites warning of the Cash for Gold type companies and for good reasons.  And many message boards and blogs where the companies are mentioned end up turning into sounding boards for irate sellers who fell for the scam.  In addition to paying way below market prices for gold, these companies often attribute no value to any jewelry that has any type of stones (including valuable diamonds and other precious stones), which the company will say needs to be “processed.”  Also, they do not give any value to silver jewelry or other items that are sent to them.  And God forbid you send them a nice piece of jewelry that is platinum.

These companies also do not attribute any additional value for antique or collectible gold jewelry.  Many pieces of jewelry, especially antique jewelry have values that far exceed the weight of the metal’s value.  So your Grandma’s Tiffany 18k bracelet would be considered to be the same thing as he old gold fillings.

For some further information on such scams and more in depth tactics used by the companies, visit this website, or simply do a search in Google for “cash for gold scams” – with over half a million results, there’s lots of info out there.

So how do you sell your gold?  That’s a good question that many people obviously don’t know, otherwise the Cash for Gold companies would not be able to afford to spend millions on advertising.  The first thing you need to do is determine an estimated value of your gold.  The gold price at this very moment is $916.38 per troy ounce or $835 per regular ounce.  To get real time gold prices, we suggest this online precious metals calculator.  At the current gold price an average men’s class ring would be worth around $80 in scrap (using 6-7 g / ~4 pennyweight).

If your gold jewelry is not antique and was just purchased at a department store or jewelry store chain, it is unlikely to be worth much more than the scrap value when trying to sell it to anyone.  Obviously fancy engagement rings with diamonds would have additional value, and a jeweler should be consulted for an appraisal.  If your jewelry is antique, ask your local jeweler for an appraisal and get a second opinion from a knowledgeable antique jewelry dealer in your area – any antique store should be able to recommend someone.

Who do you sell your gold to?  Basically anyone who will give you a fair value.  Most buyers of gold and jewelry will give you roughly the same price (approximately 80% of the current gold market value).  Anyone offering significantly less should be avoided.  Buyers who are easily found anywhere include just about any jewelry store, pawn shops, decent resale or thrift stores, and just about any antique store.  Whoever you choose to buy your jewelry should never take any value off for diamonds in the jewelry.  Semi-precious stones and pearls may or may not result in a lowered value depending on their size and number on the jewelry in question.