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New Inventory: Vintage and Antique Camera Collection

Just a heads up to all the photography enthusiasts and camera collectors, we’ve just gotten in a decent sized collection of more than 100 vintage and antique cameras.  Haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but thus far most are mediocre, as expected.  But there are sure to be some nice ones and hopefully some great old collectibles in there somewhere.

We’ll be adding the cameras to our inventory gradually over the next week or so.  The best way to see the new stuff is to visit our Newly Listed Products page.  We get a lot of shoppers looking for cameras and accessories (there’s a pile of accessories too, and some film and flashbulbs, etc.), so be sure to check back daily for the next week.  Lots of camera stuff goes quick!

Camera Buying Guide Added

We’ve added a new page to our blog, a camera buying guide.  This guide should help to answer many questions concerning cameras for sale on the site, how they are listed, described and what to expect when purchasing an antique or vintage camera.

This guide also covers how a camera is added to Black Market Antique’s online inventory and what we do and don’t do when listing cameras.  It also deals with the questions concerning camera functionality and whether or not a particular camera is guaranteed to work.