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Michael Jackson Collectibles Going Wild

The King of Pop is dead, though I’m sure there will be sightings of him at Dennys and theme parks for the next three decades.  I don’t mean to sound callous, but I was never really a Michael Jackson fan and did not know the man personally.   So I’m more amazed by the collectibles aspect rather than sadenned by his loss.

Ecommerce music sites online have been getting hammered with traffic all evening.  A search for some products on Google Products Search returns lots of results for Michael Jackson albums, video games and collectibles, but clicking into a lot of the stores you’ll find that many of the items have already been snapped up.

Sega put out Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game in 1990, which was actually co-developed by Jackson himself.  For the past two decades this game cartridge was valued at around $25-40 depending on whether or not the game included original box and instructions.  In the past three hours, virtually every copy online has been gobbled up by nostalgic fans and/or speculators.  Some copies of the game have been selling for hundreds of dollars.  A completed items search on eBay shows that in the past few weeks, there have been copies of the same exact game that didn’t get a single bid at the opening bid price – which often was below $10.

The antiques and collectibles field is a funny business.  It will be interesting to see what direction Michael Jackson collectibles take in the coming days.  There are bound to be disappointed dealers who sold too soon and likewise dealers who waited too long.

UPDATE: It seems as if those dealers who waited more than about four hours after Jackson’s death to post their items for sale have lost out.  The video game mentioned in this post is now available for much less.  And when I posted this blog article, there were only two left on eBay.  Now there are 140 of them.  And on Google shopping there are even more than that.  Three days ago there were only a couple dozen available on Google Products Search.